The African Diaspora Council, Inc. “VOICE OF AFRICA AND AFRICAN DIASPORA” defines Diaspora as communities throughout the world that are descended from the historic movement of peoples from Africa, predominantly to the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, and other regions around the globe. The African Union Council (AUC) has designated the African Diaspora the “sixth region” of the Continent of Africa.

 Defining the African Diaspora


The modern African Diaspora consists of millions of peoples of African descent living in various societies who are united by a past based significantly but not exclusively upon ‘racial’ oppression and the struggles against it; who, despite the cultural variations, political and other divisions among them share an emotional bond with one another and with their ancestral continent. People who; regardless of their location face broadly similar problems in constructing and realizing themselves.

The construction of a Diaspora is an organic process involving movement from an ancestral land, settlement in new lands and sometimes re-settlement elsewhere.  ADC Inc. seeks to answer some provocative questions that will illuminate the process at work among the peoples of African descent, who are still venturing to construct themselves and command their destiny. Regardless of their location, members of the Diaspora share an emotional attachment to their ancestral land and are cognizant of their dispersal and if conditions warrant of their oppression and alienation in the countries in which they reside.

They also tend to possess a sense of ‘’racial, ethnic, or religious identity that transcends geographical boundaries to share broad cultural similarities and sometimes articulate a desire to return to their homeland. .

African Diaspora Council Inc. continues at the forefront of the community, helping to shape a better future of tomorrow today in the U S as well as in the World.

The definition used here of "African community" is largely cultural and does not describe a single monolithic group. On the contrary, for us, African means any person living in the United States or in the world with an African heritage or anyone with a vision to help promote development in Africa or any deprived area. 


Gambia declaration an Islamic State:

 The African Diaspora Council, Inc. do firmly stand in complete solidarity with Dr. Loum an advisory board member as we collective oppose to this arbitrary move.

This is line sincere and deep concerns already expressed by other such reputable World standing organizations. We in collaboration with Dr. Loum and other such Gambians in the diaspora saw it as total disregard of the Gambian constitution process. And, because the Gambia which has enjoyed a long and durable climate of amicable and peaceful co-existence of Muslim / Christian since her inception, in living in a climate mutual support, understanding with families going back and forward, and in celebration of each other’s festivities, and cooperation with no segregation, intimidation , molestations or fear. That is arbitrary , non-consultation on either side neither the supreme Islamic council nor the Gambia Christian council not even the religious elders or leaders were accordingly sought for advice. Worse still there was no simple courtesy of the Gambia people’s right in expressing their right to choose through the decorum of referendum.

 As a consequence , based on the above the ordinary Gambia being afraid of intimidation, being molested, victimize, suppress or even persecuted are kept unhappily silent.

We therefore call on the African Union, International court of justice , West African economic union, United nation brothers and sisters in the diaspora to stand with the peace- loving people of the Gambia at this crucial period when they are been bully in enacting such an arbitrary action.

 Rev. John Loum, BA, Hons, Oxon, MA, Islam, PhD

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